dead sea salt

Dead Sea Salt – Its Therapeutic Benefits

Minera has grown to one of the leading brands in health and beauty supplies all over the world. The Dead Sea salt which is harvested from the region’s lowest salt concentration region by the Sea Water and transported to Israel for treatment and manufacturing is known to contain some of the most beneficial minerals for skin care. Minera has also signed an agreement with the World Health Organization to promote their product throughout the world. There are many benefits for using Dead Sea salts, but it has a drawback – it cost a lot. That is why you should know how to buy Dead Sea salt from Israel.

The Dead Sea contains more than three times the mineral contents of normal sea water. This is the reason why many people call the Dead Sea a ‘natural spa’. The Dead Sea Salt is being harvested by many thousands of tiny little sponge like creatures that filter the mineral content from the water. Minera’s special patented process extracts the healthy minerals from these tiny creatures leaving behind the unneeded sodium and chloride. This leaves the mineral rich water which you can use for all your personal and cosmetic purposes.

If you suffer from such conditions as arthritis, muscle pain, migraine headaches, eczema, tiredness, skin infections, digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, mood swings, depression, etc, you can use dead sea salt and get highly effective results. Apart from the skin and health benefits, this mineral water also has other properties which are extremely helpful for people who want to get rid of various bacterial and fungal infections and even help them to heal. It helps in enhancing the immune system as well. You can drink mineral water or even use it for making hot and cold drinks.

The mineral content of this salt has been tested to be above 95% and hence it is known as the highest quality salt available on the market. Apart from treating various ailments, it is highly beneficial for improving appearance and removing wrinkles from the skin. Many people have found that it removes blackheads and blemishes from their face and improves complexion. There are many treatment centers across the world that use this salt for facial treatment and massage as it has excellent anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.

Most people think that salt is the root of all evil but you can actually use salt to purify your body internally and externally. There are a lot of benefits of using Dead Sea salts for your health as well. People who use this for their skin claim to find their skin becoming more supple and youthful. They also claim to experience fewer signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. It has been found to have great benefits for the blood as well as the nervous system.

Most therapeutic procedures involving the skin use minerals that are obtained by the Dead Sea salt in its chemical composition. One of these is that of Vitamin D. This is important as this helps maintain a healthy bone density and it also helps prevent degenerative diseases. In fact studies show that those who regularly use this salt for bathing experience less occurrences of rheumatoid arthritis. It has been further found that there are higher levels of calcium along with magnesium and sodium in these mineral salts that is a great benefit for the heart and overall blood health.