Cannabidiol Tincture is a supplement used for chronic pain management in people with specific symptom presentations. It has been proven to be effective in alleviating pain, reducing inflammation and improving mood and appetite. This article will give you the low down on how this herbal remedy works. Continue reading…

Cannabidiol Tincture: The Cannabidiol Tincture is made by dropping the extract under the tongue directly into your blood stream, which provides fast, effective and almost instantaneous relief from painful muscle spasms and other symptoms often associated with muscle pain or diseases. (also provides fast, effective relief from cramps & stress) By dropping the extract under the tongue, the body quickly absorbs the powerful, anti-inflammatory Cannabidiol quickly and effectively, producing fast, effective results. The cannabidiol tincture is absorbed into the bloodstream within minutes after it is dropped under the tongue.

However, not all strains of cannabis produce the same high quality cannabidiol tincture. In fact, different strains of cannabis plants each produce a very different amount of cannabidiol oil, which means that the potency of each strain is going to vary greatly. When purchasing cannabidiol oil drops, it’s important to purchase a product that is certified as containing only top quality cannabidiol oil. Many companies falsely label their product as being “pure”, when what they are actually selling you are low quality, cheap oils that will quickly dissolve when placed in your mouth.

So, how does a high quality cannabidiol tincture work? Cannabidiol is a powerful anti-inflammatory that soothes muscle spasms and painful tissue inflammation. It also contains an antioxidant that provides health benefits by reducing damage to the liver and brain. By reducing inflammation and restoring damaged areas of the body, cannabidiol tincture provides fast relief without unwanted, harmful side effects.

Since there are currently several different sources for high quality cannabidiol tincture, it’s difficult to pinpoint one brand. But the three manufacturers who stand out are Peace Naturals, The Great Canadian Herbal Inc., and Humble Flower. All three companies offer high end, award winning cannabidiol tincture oils. They also have top of the line, carefully selected ingredients that provide the body with the health-giving benefits of this special oil. The best cannabidiol tincture will contain all of these key ingredients in high doses:

Peace Naturals is the only brand to ever be granted clearance by the United States FDA for human use. In fact, the company that makes this oil tinctures has dedicated itself to researching and developing only the best cannabidiol tincture available. One company in particular, called Evitamins, has dedicated itself to this research. Their product is considered one of the best. In a recent clinical study, participants who took Evitamins reported higher energy levels, a significant reduction in their appetite, better cholesterol levels, and a decrease in depression. Not only did the participants report significant increases in their energy levels and a reduction in their appetite, but they also experienced a significant decrease in their depression!

The other two companies that you might want to look into are Zenmed and Actifed. Zenmed has been around since 1990 and has developed its own individual line of pure cannabidiol oil tinctures. They have several different products including a dietary supplement, a dietary oil extract, and a throat lozenge. Their products are typically available at your local health food store, or you can order them online. They also have a website where they advertise their products and tell you about their special ingredients.

The last company that we are going to discuss is Actifed. This company also has developed its own line of cannabis tinctures, but their main focus is the highly potent CBD oils. Their main ingredient is THC, which is a very highly potent and highly talked about chemical in the medical world. When THC is applied to the body’s natural immune system, it acts like an anti-viral agent, which means that the body cannot fight off infections as easily. The anti-viral properties of THC make it highly effective at fighting off colds and stomach ulcers.