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Whilst there will always be opponents of the shift towards a more tolerant treatment of marijuana usage, statistics and opinion polls demonstrate that Americans are more informed, more comfortable, and more willing to accept its function as both social aid and potential treatment than they have ever been before. With the continued development of CBD oils and vapors, customers are getting the chance to experience the benefits, without also having to accept the often unsettling highs commonly associated with strong THC.

The question is, what does this mean for the future of leading CBD oil vendors?

How will changes in the law affect CBD vendors?

The good news is that developments like the one outlined above indicate a very bright future for companies and small vendors which sell CBD oils and cannabidiol products. With such sweeping reforms in the pipeline, the general consensus on the use of cannabis oil and hemp oil will begin to change too, and the market for these products will rapidly expand.

There is already a fertile market out there for cannabidiol oils, but it is expected to flourish over the next five years. For vendors particularly, this presents an opportunity which is too good to miss. If you take a leading CBD hemp oil provider like Elixinol, for example, it is easy to see how appealing these products can be, particularly as social aids and an alternative to conventional cigarettes.

There is a broad range of CBD oil products on offer, of varying strengths, purities, and flavors. This brand is one of the leading manufacturers of cannabis oil tinctures and vapors in Florida, and it ships products to customers all over the country. It also offers companies the chance to become official vendors, and get in on the CBD oil craze which is currently sweeping America.


What is CBD oil and how does it work?

There will always be a degree of controversy surrounding the use of CBD oils, even if they are fully legalized in the near future, and this is almost entirely down to a lack of understanding about what cannabidiol oils actually are, and what they do to the body and brain. This handy and straightforward guide to cannabis oil should help to allay some of the myths and misconceptions about CBD oil.

There are two main cannabinoid components; CBD and THC. Now, most people will know THC as the substance which causes smokers to become high when using marijuana. This substance is still illegal in most of the US states. However, CDB is both very similar and very different to THC, because it produces no psychoactivity. In other words, you cannot get high from inhaling or ingesting CBD.

It calms the nerves, lessen the symptoms of anxiety, relaxes the muscles, and even acts as a pain reliever, but it will not cause a THC like high. For this reason, CBD oils and hemp oil products have been made legal in scores of states, and are now commonly used as substitutes for nicotine cigarettes. In fact, the potential health benefits of CBD oil have been explored by news outlets as high profile as CNN, NBC, and Fox News.

At present, there are vendors all around the country who are reporting high spikes in their sales, with some even claiming that their CBD oil products are in much greater demand than standard cigarettes. This makes it the perfect time both to try cannabidiol oils for the first time.

Is it true that CBD oil is completely legal in the US?

The sale and distribution of hemp oil products is 100% legal in all fifty states. It is completely legal to own CBD oils, and there are currently no restrictions on where it can be used, for either the tinctures or the vapors. This is precisely why so many people are putting down their nicotine cigarettes and picking up hemp oil vape oils and products.

The emissions are a lot less harmful to both the ‘smoker’ and those around them, and the absence of nicotine prevents users from becoming addicted to the CBD oils. Yet, even in spite of the fact that there is no THC inside Hemp based products, users will still experience a feeling of calm and relaxation after vaping or applying the cannabis oil to their skin.

As there is no THC in these products, a person can use them and still pass a drug test. To reiterate, the use of hemp products is 100% legal. Plus, all of the hemp used to make the CBD oils is grown on legally authorized farms, in India. The THC is removed via a sophisticated extraction process, and the almost pure CBD oil is then imported into the US. Once there, it is delivered to a state of the art laboratory, where it is turned into commercially viable tinctures and vapors.

There is no need to have a medical card or permit to own, sell, or distribute products. Similarly, it must be said that the hemp based products are legally categorized as a health supplement, and have therefore not been assessed or approved by the FDA. It is the responsibility of consumers and vendors to do their own research on the prospective health benefits of CBD oils.

What different types of CBD oil are available?

There is a broad range of different CBD oil products available. The main distinction is between tinctures and vapors, but both of these variations come in a wide range of different strengths and flavors. The tincture is primarily designed for direct oral use, but it can be rubbed on the skin, and it will have the same effect. The vapor must be used in accordance with a standard issue (non-medicinal) vaporizer.

The vaporizer does have to be part of any special line or brand, because most vaping products will work fine with any device which uses vape oils. In other words, there should be no problem using a regular vaporizer (commonly used as standard e-cigarettes) to ‘smoke’ cannabis oil or hemp oil. However, certain vaporizers have been manufactured in close conjunction with the branded oils, and are able to offer users the best experience.

The flavors available include, but are not limited to, watermelon, vanilla, blueberry, and strawberry. The tinctures and vapors are available in three different strengths; 10mg per 10ml bottle, 30g per 10ml bottle, and 45mg per 10ml bottle.

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What are users saying about CBD Oil products?

It is natural to be wary of CBD oils, particularly for people who have never been involved with using, selling, or distributing them before now. Yet, considering the fact that it is so easy to set up a small to medium hemp oil vending service, there is really no excuse not to try it. With such a rapidly growing market out there, success in this particular industry belongs to those who are willing to be pioneers.

This cbd oil review will provide a deeper insight into the benefits of cannabis CBD oil, and make it clear why so many US consumers are keen to get their hands on CBD vapors.

The Positive Face of CBD Oil

If a person enjoys smoking, but hates the fact that their vice is now being boxed off and restricted in an increasing number of ways – the limitations on public smoking, for example – it could be time for them to think about putting down the nicotine and picking up something healthier, gentler on the mind and body, and less intolerable to the powers that be. Fortunately, legal CBD oil can be that positive and powerful change, and it has the potential to make a huge difference to individual lives.

With hemp vapors, there are no legal restrictions to face, because vaporizing devices are not considered to be real cigarettes in the US. Plus, one of the biggest reasons why so many people get so upset about public smoking has also been solved, because there is no unpleasant odor to any of the cannabis oil products sold.

So, aside from the widely reported benefits of cannabidiol properties, there is the fact that using vaporizers actively boosts overall health. There are very few substances as harmful to the body as nicotine, and any product which can help a person break their addition to it should be considered a valuable one. If necessary, it is possible to buy hemp vapors with an artificial nicotine taste.

What are the main ingredients in vapors?

The cannabidiol properties are the most important part of legal CBD oil because they produce a soothing and relaxing effect, without any of the psychoactive or illegal effects of THC. In fact, numerous studies have linked the use of cannabinoid properties to the positive treatment of neurological conditions, and illnesses like heart disease, strokes, and emotional and cognitive trauma.

In the past, it has been used to treat the symptoms of everything from Alzheimer’s disease to Parkinson’s, though the government has as yet refused to conduct extensive state authorized research into this wonder ingredient. The Elixionol tinctures and vapors also contain vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, but they do not contain THC.

Propylene glycol is a solvent which is safe for use in vapors, food coloring, medicines, foodstuffs, and cosmetics. It is a secure substance formulated from yeast and carbohydrate.

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What are the main advantages of CBD oils?

As for the CBD oil which is produced by extracting THC from naturally grown hemp, it too has numerous benefits for the physical and mental health. For example, it is believed to combat the visible signs of aging, and return a degree of elasticity and flexibility to a sagging or wrinkled complexion. For former smokers, this is very important, as nicotine really does wreak havoc on the health of skin.

As CBD oil is ingested using a vaporizer, and vaporizing devices rely on water to draw the substances into the body, what occurs when a person ‘smokes’ hemp based products is the exact opposite of what happens when a person smokes nicotine cigarettes. In other words, the body is taking in water instead of smoke, which means that it is being actively rehydrated.

If that is not enough, the cannabidiol oils are responsible for reducing the level of stress and anxiety felt by the body whilst vaping or ‘smoking.’ Once again, for former smokers especially, this could not be more true – even the simple act of puffing on a cigarette like device is often enough to calm even the strongest cravings for nicotine.

How do CBD oil vapors work?

There are lots of amazing things to learn and to understand about vaping with CBD oil. Whilst they do contain hemp CBD, they are 100% legal to own. This is because the cannabis oil does not contain any THC properties – this psychoactive substance is extracted and removed before the vapors are prepared for the commercial market.

Due to this distinct lack of THC, there should be no problem ‘smoking’ or vaping and then passing a routine drug test, either at work or for medicinal reasons. There is no nicotine in these products, even though many of them do taste like nicotine. This because they have been manufactured using a substance which tastes like nicotine, but has none of the addictive or harmful effects, and does not produce an unpleasant smell.

There is no need to have any kind of special medical permit or license to use or distribute hemp based oils, vapors or tinctures. However, they are currently only available to customers and vendors in the United States. It may be that, in the future, the use of cannabinoid oils becomes more widespread and the laws surrounding them are relaxed, but for now, only US citizens can purchase these products.

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Are CBD Oil e-liquids easy to use?

According to scores of user reviews, CBD hemp oil vapors are some of the easiest to use on the market. Once a suitable vaporizer has been found (it does not have to be a specific branded device, but it is recommended), all a person needs to do is charge the unit and add the hemp oil liquid, as per the instructions originally provided with the vaporizer.

It is much cheaper to ‘smoke’ CBD oil vapors than it is to buy and smoke regular cigarettes, so a person is also saving money if they choose to make the switch. There are currently no restrictions on the public use of vaporizers in the United States, so they can effectively smoke CBD oils anywhere that they like. Without any nasty smells, smoking CBD oil in a vaporizer is highly unlikely to provoke negative reactions or any kind of response at all.

In fact, there are so many different advantages to making the switch to vaping that it seems insane not to at least give them a try. For long time smokers, it could finally mean waving goodbye to ashtrays full of unsightly cigarette butts, clearing the home or office of that stale smoke odor, and almost instantly enjoying a happier and healthier lifestyle overall – what is not to like about such a positive transformation?

There are scores of reviews online from vaping customers who have made the switch from nicotine cigarettes to CBD hemp oils, and they all speak of a calmer attitude, increased patience, and a general sense of happiness and well-being whilst ‘smoking’ the vapors. However, in many ways, this is still a fairly new market, and it is up to consumers to trust the studies and dive in feet first.

Is there anything else to know about CBD oils?

The boom in the sale of CBD oils is not just about profit, because there are few commercially viable and legal substances which can be used to make such a big difference to both individual lives and the wider environment. Without nicotine smoke, the habit becomes less of a vice and more of a hobby – an indulgence which poses no threat to anybody.

It is true that the FDA have not yet lent their approval to the use of cannabinoid oils, but this is much less to do with any suspicion of risk or detriment to the health, and more to do with the complex combination of cultural, legal, and political factors which drive the health and food related industries forward in the US. There simply has not been enough authorized research into the benefits of CBD.

In spite of this, studies continue to suggest that the health benefits of CBD cannabis are fairly remarkable. It can help fight the risk of convulsions and inflammation, ease muscle pain and spasms, help those with severe anxiety deal with day to day life, and significantly reduce the visible signs of aging. It is hoped then, that at some point in the future, the state authorized research into CBD oil will begin.

It is important to note that, like regular cigarettes, most vaping products cannot be sold to anybody under the age of eighteen years. Once again, this is less to do with any detrimental effects on the health, and more to do with discouraging youngsters from taking up any kind of smoking whatsoever – primarily so they do not later move on to regular cigarettes.

Finding out more about CBD products

It is hoped that this guide has been an interesting and informative resource, and that it can help people to decide whether they would like to try tinctures, capsules, or oils – either as a customer or as an affiliate vendor based in the US. For more information on the range of products on offer, or to find out more about becoming a vendor go to

It is time to make the switch from harmful and irritating substances like nicotine to all natural, all healthy properties like CBD. There will be no doubt as to the success of the switch when you start to feel healthier than you ever have before.

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